NYC Sketchbook

So after a few hours walking around the neighbourhood on our first day (we arrived mid afternoon) we had an early night and started day 2 afresh.

The day started with much needed tea and coffee in the hotel foyer before we headed out to a deli for breakfast.

NYC_Day2_coffeeHunger was a stronger driver than drawing so no sketches of the breakfast wrap but after we headed out and purchased some hop on, hop off bus tickets I managed a few sketches.

The first started well but once I started using watercolour I realised that the ink in my Lamy pen bled even when it was completely dry so what started as an ok sketch of the beautiful Bowling Green subway station ended up a bit of a mess.


In fact the whole thing of drawing on the move proved a lot more difficult than I expected so my visual record of the trip is a bit of mixture of drawings done in situ, sketches when out and about finished when back in the comfort of the room and few captured on my iphone and sketched later.


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