Pirate Themed Party Game

I was trying to think of games for a pirate themed party and what better than a mini treasure hunt so if you want to create a game for a party or just entertain your own children on a rainy day here’s a download for treasure hunt clue cards.

If you’re not familiar with the game start the group off with the first clue, e.g. Look over there land ahoy, you’ll find a clue next to your favourite toy, then hide the second clue next to their favourite toy.  It takes a bit of preparation to write and set out all of the clues before they start.


Treasure hunt clue cards

If you’re feeling less than inspired when it comes to writing some clues here’s a few ideas to get you started….

Gather round mateys its time to hunt for gold, start by seeking a clue in something very cold

Shiver me timbers, you’re moving ahead seek out the next clue where you go to bed

The crew have been busy tidying the ship so with everything neat, why not take a look in the place where you eat


Arr ship mate, you’re doing quite well.  The next clue is easy, its in your shoe

Go forth me hearties

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