Pirate Ship Table Centre Piece

So Wednesday 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Last year I did a few pirate sketches to honour the theme, this year I thought I’d create a pirate themed birthday party pack which will come in useful as my cousin is planning a pirate themed party for one of her little ones in January.

I thought I’d start with the decoration that takes the most work creating a pirate ship centre piece.  To make this you will need some cardboard, masking tape, newspaper, PVA glue, paint, scissors, pens and a selection coloured paper.

I haven’t quite finished so I’ll post the final ship in a later post.

Start by cutting a template for the base of your ship out of cardboard.  You’ll need two ship sides, a back and a base.


Once you have the pieces cut out, using some masking tape stick the pieces together to create a basic ship shape.  Using a thin strip of card roll into a stick shape which will be your mast.


Tear some strips of newspaper and mix PVA glue in a bowl with a little bit of water until its a thick soup consistency.  Dip each strip individually wiping off excess glue solution and cover your ship base and mast with 2-3 layers of paper.  Leave to dry for a few days.  It’s usually best at this stage to leave for at least 4 days to a week.

pirate ship.jpg

Once this has dried out and firmer up I’ll start adding the masts and a bit more of detail.


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