6 thoughts on “Watercolour Study

  1. Hi there!

    There was an artist who was massively popular in the 70s or maybe the 60s who was known for his large eyed portraits. I would not criticise myself for this…it seems to be your “voice” to do large eyes, and they very much suit your style. As someone who loves drawing, I also love the hair here. Was it drawn or did you achieve this effect with watercolours? Very difficult to do that, if so, and I applaud you.

    Take care and as we writers always say, write, err, paint on!



  2. Margaret Keane paints those waifs, and her husband Walter, took credit. Indeed, tho I have not seen the film, I know why or suspect that if Margaret had taken credit, fame and fortune would never have come her way, simply because as a woman her Art would, have been utterly dismissed, as alas, it often is today as kitsch. Whatever one thinks of these portraits, it is so clear that even today serious women artists are not taken seriously, esp not by museums and important galleries, where much even most of the art there and in permanent collections is down by males…


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