Pirate Party Props

So you now have invitations, happy birthday bunting, party signs, food labels, eye patches, flags, gift bags and a treasure hunt game time to create some props to decorate your room.

This is great way to get your children involved in the party planning so why not get out the paints and get them to create anchors and ships steering wheels.  Once painted cut them out and you’re done.

If they look a bit messy you can smarter them up with some marker pens.

But if you stretched for time here’s a few free printables.

Downloads available here – anchor and ship wheel

And a couple of pirate heads – pirate head and pirate head 2


Drawing with Charcoal

I was tidying my art room last week – something I don’t do often enough.  It’s one of those tasks that I dread doing as I always leave it too long and as we often use the room as a bit of dumping ground for random stuff that doesn’t have an obvious home it does get a bit cluttered.  This time it was so bad even getting into the room was like completing a weird little obstacle course.  I think the dread of the task had made me forget one of the little bonuses of tidying up – finding a load of art supplies that I’ve completely forgotten about!

This time the find included a box of charcoal.  I haven’t used charcoal for over a year now and sadly it’s not really a medium I’ve mastered.  I tend to use it for under drawings on canvas and I used it a lot when I took a life drawing class a few years ago as it helped to loosen up my drawing style but most of my finished pieces are just a messy blur.

That said I love other people’s charcoal drawings and a few years ago my husband and I decided not to buy each other Christmas presents and instead treated ourselves to three charcoal creations by artist John Graham we spotted in the Tallantyre gallery in Northumberland.  I love the knarly faces of the old fisherman and am so jealous of the skill in managing to create something so delicate and life like with such a difficult to medium.

Charcoal drawing

So I was really interested when I came across this blog from  Ella Johnston on the Cass Art site – Cass Art Blog

Maybe it’s time to give the dust another go???