Pirate Party Props

So you now have invitations, happy birthday bunting, party signs, food labels, eye patches, flags, gift bags and a treasure hunt game time to create some props to decorate your room. This is great way to get your children involved in the party planning so why not get out the paints and get them to create anchors and ships steering wheels.  Once painted cut them … Continue reading Pirate Party Props

Red Squirrel Appreciation Day

It is red squirrel awareness week and I’m pleased to say that my home county is one of the few that still has a healthy red squirrel population unlike my current home town that just has the grey variety. So taking that as my theme here’s my little doodle – looks like he’s just had a surprise but the sketchiness of the tail worked ok Continue reading Red Squirrel Appreciation Day

Recycled Jeans

Continuing with the recycling theme I thought I’d share some of the best recycling projects I’ve seen with denims. Little Piece of Me has over 20 projects for reusing your old Levis.  These are two of my favourites. TipHero has a number of other projects that are worth checking out including a chunky woven basket and several bags…. and Andyaff has collated a load of … Continue reading Recycled Jeans

Pirate Party Gift Bags

Carrying on with the pirate party theme what children’s party is complete without party bags. Here’s a really simple solution – free printable labels that you can attach to ready made plain white bags. Free printable labels – Pirate Gift Bag Labels But if you’re feeling creative and have plenty of time you can make your own party bags.  Here’s a link to some Halloween bags … Continue reading Pirate Party Gift Bags