Starting a new Sketchbook

I always find it a bit daunting starting a new sketchbook.  The book is so perfect and marking the first page always feels a bit scary and I inevitably make mistakes.

As we’re planning a trip to New York I wanted to sort out a smaller travel sketchbook to take with me in the hope that we’ll find a bit of time amidst sightseeing to scribble a few doodles so I thought I’d get over the huddle before we left.  A sketch of a passport seemed like a good idea to run with the travel theme so here goes….

Passport sketch

and yes as usual I screwed it up!


One thought on “Starting a new Sketchbook

  1. You did not screw this up at all…I like to think that what others or I might want to call a mistake is really just my unconscious at work, making the accident a happy and telling one. I cannot count how many times my mistakes, so to speak, have turned into my best pieces! Most important of all, the viewer of your pictures does NOT see the mistakes or even notice them, but sees it as your art first of all and only. It would take me a lot of observation to “find mistakes” in someone’s art, and if perspective or something else is “off” I tend to assume the disotortion was intentional, for symbolic or other purposes.

    My best to you



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