Ned Flanders Leftorium Store from The Simpsons

International Left Handers’ Day

August 13th sees the 28th annual Left Handers Day aimed at celebrating with pride all things left-handed, and raising awareness for those southpaws who have to make their way in a world designed for right-handers.

The website provides a range of articles, including advice for parents with left handed children, and a wide range of merchandise available including scissors, knives, pens, and notepads. (and not just those offered by Ned Flanders’ Leftorium.

Ned Flanders Leftorium Store from The Simpsons
Ned |Flanders’ Leftorium Store


Here’s a short list of some famous lefties: this is a slide taken from a full presentation on Left handed issues available here: by Dr. Tejas and available on SlideShare.

a powerpoint slide with a list of famous left handers taken from a slide share presentation
Famous Left Handers

And in case you’re concerned about being left handed might hold you back, a few musicians who have just about managed to earn a crust with their ‘impediment’ 🙂 include Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, David Bowie, Wynton Marsalis and Glenn Gould.

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