On This Day

A double whammy on this day….

In 1846 the Smithsonian Institution established, named after its founding donor, British scientist James Smithson.  They claim to be the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex. Not sure if that’s true or a US based claim but judging from their website it looks pretty damn impressive.


They currently boost….

  • 19 Museums + 1 Zoo
  • 30.1M Visits by Public
  • 154.8M Museum Objects and Specimens
  • 2.1M Library Volumes
  • 151M+ Website Visitors
  • 13.8M+ Social Media Followers
  • 6,765 Employees; 771 Research Fellows and 16,270 Volunteers


And in 1793 the Louvre opened in Paris.


Also making world’s largest claims this time the world’s largest art museum as well as most visited art museum with 8.1m visitors.  The origin of the Louvre also has British links although rather than financial donation this one was a more confrontation link – the Louvre Palace actually started life as a fortress designed to protect the city from English soldiers in Normandy.

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