3 thoughts on “Portrait3

  1. Oddly enough, I think her hand is marvellous! It has character and idiosyncrasy, whereas the face (and the other one) are too youthful and perfect to interest me…But that only reveals my own taste and perhaps something of my age as well. In any event, I know you will “get” faces in time, but the hand here is wonderful already.




    1. Phoebe, you’re right I have tended to use photographs of models to work from because they’re easily available – I need to play around with different types of subjects


      1. Yes, it is somewhat difficult to find women’s faces on line that are not somehow perfected…I hate that..I want to draw and paint character. I don’t go along with the ridiculous notion thst only youth is beautiful… and beauty is as beauty does, but I love love love drawing the character of aging hands and faces.


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