Gustav Klimt

Born on this date in 1862, Gustav Klimt, an Austrian painter best known for his 1907 masterpiece The Kiss.  His work was considered highly erotic some pieces more risqué than others .  Whilst paintings like The Kiss are full of symbolic imagery (the couple are wrapped in a glistening gold tapestry – the side covering the guy decorated with erect rectangles and the woman covered in concentric circles) others are more explicit with with nudes and piles of entwinned bodies so it is no surprise that he shocked the art world at the start of the twentieth century.

In terms of labels he is noted as a symbolist painter and one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Secession movement. Check out his Wikipedia entry for more details.

There is probably loads more I could say about Klimt so if you’re interested I’d suggest you google him – I like his art but for me he is most important because he was the inspiration for one of my favourite painters Egon Schiele.

So in honour of Klimt here is my cartoon celebration of one of his famous works – 


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