Home made monster money boxes

Great Children’s Craft Idea – Make Your Own Money Box

I’m sure everyone made one of these when they were at school but with the children off school for summer holidays I thought it was a good reminder of a simple and extremely messy craft for rainy days.

You start with a balloon – I made two so used different shape balloons to give a distinctive look to each when finished.  As you want the money box to stand flat you need to think about how you will make a base.  I knew that I wanted to create some odd looking little creatures so I made some feet to hold the balloon in place.

Homemade money box
Making the money box feet

Before you start applying the strips of paper it is worth adding whatever little features you want – I went with arms on the tall balloon and a little conical hat on the round balloon.


Once you’re happy with the overall shape mix some PVA with a little water and soak strips of paper in the mixture.  Then start to layer them over the balloons.


You continue in this way until the whole thing is covered then leave overnight to dry.  Once the first coat has started to dry a little add another two layers and leave to dry completely.

Leave this for at least a week to dry then you can gently remove the balloon.  You also need to think about how you will get the money out once complete so whilst it is still malleable its a good idea to cut a hole in the back.  Make sure that you cut one large enough to get coins out.

Money Out Slot
You have to be able to get the money out!

Once completely dry I painted a thin coat of linseed oil on the structure – I’m not sure if this is usual and it isn’t very nice to use but I find it firms up the final structure.  You’ll need to leave this to dry for a few weeks although you can speed it up by painting a thin coat of paint over the oil surface after a couple of days.


Once completely dry you can get the children to decorate.

Home made monster money boxes
Painted and with Additions


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