Front cover for Basement Tales- by SImon Bewick, available in Kindle

Excellent New Book

Well OK, I may be a bit biased but my husband’s new book is due for release on July 6th and is now available for pre-order on Amazon – its called Basement Tales and you can find out more about it via this link.

If you order now you’ll get an alert when it is available to download to your Kindle on Friday 6th July.

It is a collection of short stories perfect for a holiday read or for a bit of restful time in the garden.

It’s a mostly non-gory selection of dark tales- probably a certificate 15 level rating.

From the Amazon description:

An anthology of 18 stories spanning horror, crime, dark fantasy genres and some that don’t really fit into any category. Selected from writings over twenty years these stories come from the cellar of society- the darker elements of the real and the unreal world. 
Featuring a mix of previously published stories, including the award nominated Somewhere Down the River as well as newly written and revised pieces, Basement Tales offers dark and twisted tales. 
Venture down into the darkness of the basement and read about:
•a woman prepared to risk everything for her lover’s soul 
•serial killers, kidnappers, psychopaths, demons and old women 
•a man whose worst day possible at work turns out to be the highlight of his day
•a strange little town you may not mean to visit, but will never leave
•a tale of man’s best friend, and a tale of a best friend’s man
•a vintage tale of a most unusual Video Home System
•An author forced to answer a writer’s oldest question
•A lawyer taking on his most unusual case ever
And much more…

Front cover for Basement Tales- by SImon Bewick, available in Kindle
Basement Tales by Simon Bewick

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