Opening of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Today is the opening of the RA’s summer exhibition and this year there’s a couple of bonus’ – firstly it’s the 250th year and the RA has apparently just under gone a redevelopment to celebrate the anniversary and secondary it has been curated by a fantastic and slightly quirky artist Grayson Perry.

If you’ve never been to a summer exhibition it is definitely worth making the effort!  It has to be the least intimidating art exhibition – many of the rooms have a beautifully chaotic feel, crammed full of artwork in varying styles is a stylish hotch potch order.

The show, has been staged every year since 1769 and is unique in how it is put together, combining three types of art.

  1. Work from established artists who are members, also known as Academicians or RAs.
  2. Works from established artists who aren’t members, but have been invited to show.
  3. And finally, work from Joe Bloggs or the general public, who submit their artwork to a committee to see if it’s deemed suitable.  I’ve never produced anything that I’d be confident enough to enter but it is on my bucket list!

If you want more information check out the RA site – The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

The article in the Guardian is worth a read – The Guardian

The BBC usually airs a show ahead of the opening to preview the exhibition but this year they’ve been a bit slow off the mark as it isn’t on until Saturday night – BBC Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

In addition to the exhibition and various opening events the Post Office have also created a series of stamps to mark the RA’s anniversary.  The stamps showcase original artwork from Grayson Perry, Norman Ackroyd, Tracey Emin, Fiona Rae, Barbara Rae and Yinka Shonibare.




250th Anniversary stamps



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