Exploring Texture and Pattern Part 15

I completed 4.2 today.  This part of the training was about exploring hand stitched applique to enhance stitched line drawings and I think probably my favourite challenge to-date. The challenge for this section of the course was to look back at the hand stitched drawing that we did in 2.2 and use applique and stitch to embellish the image.


You start by taking the stitched drawing and select the areas you want to add appliqué to, you then trace the area onto tissue to create a template for your fabric.  Then you cut the shapes , tissue paper and fabric to size.  Once the fabric is cut to shape, you remove the tissue paper and pin it to the appropriate area of the stitched drawing.  Then using whatever stitch you want you apply it to the fabric.

Module 4 part 2.jpg

Once you have the various bits of applique in place you use stitch to embellish the sample.

Module 4 part 2a

The questions we were asked to consider were….

  1. Do the fabric, thread and stitch combinations you’ve chosen feel cohesive and what would you do differently next time?

For the camera sample – I like the use of natural tones, it gives the image a cohesive feel.  I did struggle to decide which bits to add applique to which is a learning as the more complex the line drawing the bigger the challenge.  In terms of what I’d have done differently – probably a slightly darker thread for the running stitch on the table surface.

For the portrait sample – I really like the use of blue background fabric and the floral patterns that reflect other shades of blue – they feel very cohesive.  I also really like the use of running stitch in grey on the background.  I was really surprised how effective this technique was at changing the texture and colour of the piece and how well it draws your attention in to the face and skin.  In terms of the do different on the portrait I’m not that happy with the effect of couching on the hair.  I posted the image on the course Facebook group and Sue’s advice was to experiment with using a thinner thread, in this one I used quite thick wool and the two two colours were very different, I think colours of a more similar shade would have worked better.


  1. What ideas do you have for building different types of imagery using the various techniques you’ve been exploring?

Definitely more portraits and figurative pieces but also I’d like to experiment with more architectural subjects


  1. How could anything you’ve discovered in this class be incorporated into your textile art?

Not sure how to answer this one as everything can be incorporated.  I guess use of stitch to create textured backgrounds and applique as base colours but also for highlighting sections on an image.

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