Exploring Texture and Pattern Part 12

3.2 built on 3.1 combining strip weaving with hand stitch.

Using the samples from 3.1 our challenge was to embellish these using the various techniques we’ve learnt so far – mixing in the needle, back stitch, running stitch, varying spacing, different threads, etc.

Module 3 part 2b

I found it easier stitching on the plain fabric sample I had made, the patterned one was a challenge.  I think part of this was around colour selection but also with quite a busy pattern it was difficult to thinking how to stitch in a way that complimented the pattern.

Module 3 part 2

What was interesting was that you could use the grid type pattern that the weaving in much the same way the grids  worked in previous challenges so you can treat each as separate sections but need to think how they relate to each other as a whole.

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