Exploring Texture and Pattern Part 11

So 3:1 focuses on strip weaving which is pretty much exactly as it sounds – creating texture and pattern by weaving strips of fabric.  The inspiration examples are a great help and give indication of how this technique can be used in pieces and linking it back to painting and drawing it also feels like a useful way to get over the fear of the blank page, or in this case blank fabric by easily creating large, visually intriguing surface areas as a base for your work.

Unlike the other section the creative challenge for this didn’t take up too much time although I believe in 3:2 which I’m hoping to watch tomorrow will build on the samples I’ve created.

You start with a base fabric and a selection of other fabrics that you intend to use for the weave and then you tear or cut the fabric into strips – I opted for tearing as I like the frayed effect. The variants you can play with are colour, pattern and texture of the fabric itself, width of the strips and then how you place them to create different effects.

Once you have a mix of fabrics you lay down three or more warp strips vertically side by side on your background fabric, secure them in place with pins and then stitch them then you repeat the pinning and sewing at the base.  Once you’ve finished the row of stitching to secure the bottom end of your warp strips to the background fabric, select five or more weft strips and one by one weave them through the warp, alternating the weave.

When you’re happy with the composition of the weft strips, you pin the strips to hold them in place and then stitch along the outside edge.

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