Quirky Sculptures

Looking for a project for the weekend?  Why not try making these quirky little sculptures.  And the good news you don’t need much to make them – some wire, PVA glue, paper, masking tape and paint.


You start by making the figure out of wire.  I used garden wire for the basic frame and thinner craft wire for the hands and feet.  You can attach the wires with masking tape to keep the shape.  To shape the hands and feet use thinner craft wire as its easier to shape.

To form the head scrunch up some newspaper into a ball and wrap with masking tape.  For the torso cut a toilet roll and tape to the wire frame and cover with masking tape.

Once complete cover the entire shape (including the arms and legs)  in masking tape binding it tightly – this helps make your structure sturdy but will also make it easier for the paper mache to stick.  Once complete twist your figure into a shape you like – its best to do this before you start applying the paper mache and make sure it balances so either holds shape when sitting or standing.

Next mix PVA glue and water and cut or tear thin, small strips of newspaper.  Dip the strips in the glue mixture and wrap around the entire figure.  Leave to dry overnight.

Once completely dry apply a couple of coats of thin paint making sure you get into all the cracks and crevices.  I wasn’t sure what colour I was going to paint the finished figures so I opted for white, just to cover up the newspaper print.  Leave to dry.

trio of painted figures

I decided to use decoupage on the heads and base of my figures and found a really nice printed tissue paper.  To attach I mixed PVA glue and water and applied the tissue in strips with a brush – tissue is too delicate to dip in glue.

After leaving it dry I applied a thin coat of the glue mixture and then painted the remaining sections of the figures in brown acrylic.


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