Exploring Texture and Pattern Part 9

The final part in the second module is something called couching or laid thread work.   I recognised the visual effect from various textile artists work that I’ve seen in exhibitions.

It’s a technique where you place threads, wool or other materials across the surface of the fabric then over stitch to hold in place and is used to create raised textural surfaces.  It is quite a different challenge to get used to as you have to focus on holding the laid materials at the same time as stitching.Module 2 part 4

We were back to using the grid for the creative challenge looking at creating different effects in each square of the grid.

The variants you play with are the threads and wools you use both for stitching and laid on the fabric.  The type of stitches you use, the direction of the laid materials, colours, etc.

My second sample didn’t follow the guidelines exactly as I wanted to play around with all of the techniques we’d learnt …

Module 2 part 4a

Having now completed module 2 I have a great range of samples

Module 2 samples

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