Mock herringbone

Exploring Texture and Pattern Part 8

I was hoping 2:3 would continue on from the drawing with back stitch but instead we’re back to learning basic stitches – this time one called mock herringbone and we’re back to a grid challenge.

The stitch is designed to look like a woven tweed fabric and is apparently perfect for creating areas of pattern and texture.  Basically you stitch columns of slanted stitches then on the second column angle the stitch in the opposite direction.

Module 2 part 3
Mock herringbone

It wasn’t the most interesting of module and the challenge didn’t really grab me either but I thought I should really give it a go so I created two samples picking up some of the previous techniques like mixing in the needle, using different threads and yarns, etc.

For the challenge you create a 4 box grid and the intention is to make each area look different but harmonised with the previous area.

Four box grid
Four box grid

Creative challenge questions…

  1. Looking at your sample, how clear is the relationship between the four areas?  How could the relationship be strengthened?
  2. Does each area of the sample build on the last?  In future experiments how can you develop that sense of progression further?

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