Exploring Texture and Pattern Part 6

So have started module 2 of the course which kicks off with a different stitch – backstitch.  The introductory video and accompanying workbook outlines the plan for the session which is all about discovering:

  • How to use back stitch to create a simple pattern
  • How using back stitch is a great way of building texture
  • And starting to look at using back stitch as a drawing tool – part 2:1 apparently takes this further.

The creative challenge is a bit different, you start with the four box grid but then have to sub divide each square into smaller areas filling each with shapes created in backstitch.  I really enjoyed this part of the course – I think in part because I find backstitch quite a natural stitch to sew but also not being restricted by sticking rigidly to a single direction of stitch started to make it feel more like drawing so it felt a lot looser and gave you a bit more creative freedom.

four box
four box

I was very tempted to race through to 2:1 after I completed my first sample but am trying to pace myself so opted for two samples for this section and also spent a bit of time on reflection.

Module 2 part 1

Part of the challenge is to answer some simple questions after each sample you create – the questions differ depending on the course content but for this challenge the questions were…

  1. Looking at the sample you created, which pattern are you most satisfied with and why?
  2. How could a particular pattern be improved or developed? A different use of colour? Or different shapes?
  3. What did you learn from working within the limitations of the challenge? Was it easy or difficult? Did it provoke any new discoveries?

My membership to the private Facebook group also came through so spent a bit of time looking through the samples people had uploaded and also shared the images of my samples.  Not quite in the swing of chatting with complete strangers but I’ve challenged myself to comment on at least a handful of other people’s work.

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