Exploring Texture and Pattern Part 5

The final module in section one of the course was designed to bring all of the previous learnings together so the creative challenge was to explore all the variable of running stitch – stitch length, spacing between stitches, spacing between rows, direction of stitch, texture of threads, tonal values of the colours, mixing in the needle and colour.


I have to say I found this a bit repetitive – especially the video but as I watched this on a very cold Sunday I did take the time to create a couple more samples and some new threads arrived on the Saturday so I wanted to have a play around.

I even tried sewing with some silver cord that I had from Christmas wrapping which wasn’t particularly successful (the tension was a nightmare) but it might be an interesting one for adding texture and highlights for a future piece of work.  I also noted that I need to be careful with fabric weight, especially when I’m using wool.

Having completed the first module I now have a selection of samples to refer back to.

Module 1 samples
Puttting it all together from Module 1

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