Happy Batman Day

Why is May 1st Batman Day?

General consensus is that May 1st 1939 was the date the Dark Knight made his debut, in Detective Comics ~27.

Detective 27 Comic Cover
Detective 27 Comic Cover

Whichever version of Batman is your favourite- Adam West’s ‘60’stv series, Tim Burton’s Michael Keaton era, Chris Nolan’s ‘realistic’ Dark Knight trilogy, or Zak Snyder’s…well, let’s not get silly now: but whichever version you prefer, Batman throughout the ages has represented some of the boldest and most influential art imagery in pop culture.

Heath Ledger 6 inch model
A model of Heath Ledger’s Joker

But for many of us, Batman has been around for much longer than the movies. The portrayal of Batman has changed dramatically over the almost 80 years since his inception in the comic book format. This article presents some of the most iconic images of Batman from 27 artists during that time…

But even if you’re not into comics and associated movies if you have children you’ll no doubt find yourself watching the cartoons.  This canvas was one I did years ago when Joe (now 20) was a little munchkin obsessed with comic characters.

Original Joker Painting based on Killing Joke
Original Joker Painting based on Killing Joke


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