Child sewing craft project

Camera Style Keyring

This is a quick and easy project that’s a great one for children.

All you need to make these little camera key rings are some scraps of different colour felt, a ring to slot your keys onto, some ribbon and a button.  You can assemble either by stitching together as I have or using glue, although if you do go with the glue option I’d suggest you still sew the base to give a sturdy holder for your keys.

Cut two rectangles of felt for your base and a slightly smaller one in a contrasting colour for your camera face.  Then cut three circles, all in slightly different sizes for your camera lens and two smaller rectangles for your viewer.

Start by threading your ribbon through the ring of the key ring and pin between your two base rectangles, then sew in place.

To assemble your camera face place your circles in the centre of your smaller rectangle and place your button in the centre and sew them in position, making sure you sew all the way through all of the circles or felt.

Attach the two smaller rectangles in the same way and add a smaller button to the opposite side of the shapes, then either sew or glue onto the base.  I opted for sewing to make the key ring more robust but gluing these together actually looks better.





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