Mini Sewing Project – Needle case

Not one of my best projects but as my old needle case was starting to look a bit ragged and I had bought a load of new needles in preparation for my sewing course I thought it was time to make a new needle case.

Really easy to make and a sweet little gift for any sewing friends all you need are some scraps of felt fabric, scissors, needle and some embroidery threads.

To make the case itself cut a rectangle for your cover and a couple of slightly smaller rectangles for the inner pages.  I then cut some strips of felt, pinned them to the inner pages and sewed in place.  These give you some structure to thread the needs through.

needle case 4

For the cover I drew a really simple sewing machine shape and cut out the shape in fabric – looking back I should have picked a materials with a tighter weave which would have frayed less.

I attached the applique with simple running stitch in a slightly darker colour and then added the word needles – not perfect but it does the job.


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