Ideas for Overcoming Creative Block

Generally my biggest challenge is finding time rather than overcoming creative blocks but I have noticed recently that when I do have some free time it is taking me a bit longer to decide on what to do and to get started.  This could be down to the fact that I’m switching between textiles and paper/canvas but for anyone out there I thought I’d share a blog post published on the artists network which outlined 11 ideas for overcoming creative blocks.

  1. The fear of a blank page/canvas – cover it
  2. Get yourself and your space organised – a particular favourite of mine, although I do tend to just move things around
  3. Try a new medium – interesting although I think too much choice may be one of my problems.
  4. Take a class – having recently completed an online course I can thoroughly recommend this one.
  5. Impose some restrictions and limit your colours
  6. Create an ideas journal
  7. Get out to get inspired – a walk may not be ideal with the weather at the moment but a gallery visit or even a stately home
  8. Make a list of project you want to do – I think this is definitely one for my “to do” list
  9. Record your feelings when you’re blocked
  10. Address your inner critic
  11. Discover your spontaneity

You can find the full article here – Artists Network Article

Any others you’d suggest?

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