National Stationery Week

Another unusual national celebration but one I’m very happy to support.  I love stationery, maybe it lies in the fact that my dad was in the print trade so our house was always full of paper but even now as an adult I can’t resist the more than occasional impulse purchase when I spot a lovely notebook or new pens.  In fact I think it’s safe to say that I have more notebooks than I will ever use – they’re crammed into every room in our house.

So let’s celebrate writing by hand!  Check out the official National Stationery Week website – or social is more you’re thing there’s a Facebook page here –

So in honour of the celebration here’s a few of my favourite stationery brands

Muji – a Japanese retail company famous for it’s design minalism and no-logo, no-brand policy.  In fact the name itself (Mujirushi Ryōhin) translates as No Brand Quality Goods.  Ironically the brand of Muji is arguably as distinctive and recognisable as many brands that pride themselves on brand building.

Beautiful, simple designs at a reasonable price if you don’t have a Muji store near you its definitely worth checking out there stationery online –

Moving onto a more expensive alternative it has to be Moleskin.  An Italian brand founded in the mid-1990s by Maria Sebregondi.  The brand itself was a resurrection of an older company Modo & Modo, famous for iconic notebooks.  They now produce beautiful notebooks, sketchpads, a selection of different journals, planners, etc.

They recently opened a store in New Street Station, Birmingham so its difficult to resist a purchase or two when waiting for a train home.  Check out their official site – Moleskin


Finally I posted a blog entry back in August about a London based company called Betty Etiquette – here’s my original blog –  They have created some  gorgeous stationery –

And of course I couldn’t finish without adding some handmade stationery ideas….

I love this free download from Tauni & Co – Paper pencil box


And from blogger Gathering Beauty some DIY notebooks – DIY Notebooks


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