Create Your Own Easter Bunny

Easter crafting means lots of Easter Egg and bunny rabbit projects so I thought I’d kick off the theme with a rabbit soft toy – perfect for a little one at this time of year.

You’ll only need a few materials to create your own little bunny so let’s get started!

Tools and Materials

  • Scissors
  • Material – base colour for the rabbit, pink for the ears and some scraps to make clothes
  • Needles and thread
  • Stuffing
  • Access to a sewing machine although you can make by hand

Start by creating your pattern.  I drew mine out on old newspaper as it was nearest paper to hand but to help you out I’ve attached a template – Easter Bunny Sewing Pattern

Easter bunny pattern

Next pin your pattern to your materials and cut leaving an inch/couple of centimetre gap around the pattern.

Start by sewing your limbs together, remember to leave a gap to stuff each limb.  Once you’ve sewn the edges trim any excess material and turn rightside round and fill with stuffing.

Easter bunny work in progress

Once you have all your limbs assembled – ears, arms, legs, torso sew these together – easiest to do this by hand to create your bunny.

bunny figure

Next you need to make some clothes – I opted for a more male looking  outfit but a little tutu skirt would look gorgeous as an alternative.

Easter bunny

At this stage you’ll want to embroider the facial features and add any additional embellishments.

Easter Bunny sitting

Then you’re done!

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