Ferrero Rocher and Lindt Sweet Trees

Creating Sweet Trees

Ok so still making wedding anniversary party decorations I decided to make a couple of sweet trees which always make great table centre pieces.  I last made these for my wedding when I used marshmallows and flying saucer sweets as they were designed for the U18 guests.  This time I opted to use chocolate, much more grown up and also easier to keep to the gold theme.

To make sweet trees you need some plaster of paris, a length of wood pole, a container of some kind, a polystyrene ball (you can pick these up at most craft stores), ribbons, some toothpicks and a selection of sweets.


You start by cutting the pole to your desired length, you want it high enough that it stands in your container and reaches to the top of the ball with a 5-6 inch gap – don’t go too tall especially if using chocolate as it makes the tree unstable.

Next mix up your plaster to a smooth paste, place your ole in the container and pour in the plaster.  I find it easier to attach some sellotape the the top of the container to keep the wood upright.  Then leave it to dry.  It should firm up within an hour but best to leave it overnight.

Before you start assembling its easier to decorate the wood at this stage – I painted it beige and attached some glitter washi tape.  I also wanted to hide the rough plaster so after it was dry I poured some PVA glue on the top and filled with shredded tissue paper but you can fill with beads or sweets.

Next cut a circular hole in one half of the polystyrene ball, large enough for the pole to fit through but best to keep it a smug fit to avoid too much movement.  I also painted the polystyrene gold just in case any gaps showed through.

Before you fit the ball you can add ribbon to the top of the pole but this is also easy to do at the end.

Place the ball on top of the pole and thread through until it is stable.

part complete trees

Now you can start to add the sweets.  It doesn’t really matter which sweets you use, simply push a tooth pick into the sweet and then push this into the ball.

It’s best to leave 1cm gap between the sweet and ball, if you don’t, as you start to fill the tree the sticks will start to block each other.

Continue attaching the sweets.  If using chocolate the tree head will get very heavy so make sure you keep them balanced as you attach.

Half sweets added to the tree
Starting to get there…

It’s amazing how many sweets it takes to make the trees so make sure you buy enough!

and here’s the second made with different chocolates

Finished Ferrero Rocher Tree
Finished Ferrero Rocher Tree



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