Paper Flowers

I’ve made these before and if it was my choice the colour wouldn’t be gold but as they’re for a 50th wedding anniversary party I’ve gone for a bit of bling using gold wrapping paper.

You’ll need some paper, beads, thin wire (I’ve used florist wire which is already cut into strips) and tape – ideally florist tape although I just used black washi tape as I already had some from a previous project.

Start by cutting out your template.  If using wrapping paper that is only coloured on one side you’ll need to glue two pieces together as you can see both sides of the paper on the finished item.

flower template

Take a piece of wire and thread a bean, twisting the wire to hold in place.  Start twisting the paper around the wire – it helps to attach a small piece of tape when you start to hold the central section together.

Continue twisting the paper holding tightly at the base.  Once you have the flower shape you want attach by tightly twisting tape around the bottom of the flower.

As gold is a bit overwhelming as a colour I mixed it up by also creating some plain white flowers which I made with cheap serviettes and also some with tissue paper which is white with flecks of gold.

For the party I wanted lots of little arrangements for the various tables so used some old glass jam jars, poured white emulsion into the pot and swirled to get an even covering.  Once dry I added some gold glitter tape to hide the top and voila.

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