Giant 50

Having made the heart mobile I thought I’d go bigger and brasher with the second so have made a giant number 50 from scraps of cardboard and gold wrapping paper.  Its a bit of a messy one but because of the size of the finished items quite impactful in a large room.

Start by creating large numbers 5 and 0 out of cardboard.  You need two of each.

Once you have these cut strips of card around 10cm wide and start attaching these to the letters to give you a chunky edge.  Masking tape is the best option for attaching as paper mache doesn’t fix to sellotape very well.

At this stage your numbers look quite messy and are still a bit fragile to touch.  Once complete mix up some PVA glue with a little water and cover the entire number with a thin coat of paper dipped in the glue mix.

Leave to dry for a few days.  If you want to make the numbers a bit more sturdy you can either add additional coats of paper mache or paint the whole thing with a thin coat of linseed oil.

Leave to dry then cover the entire numbers with a coat of paint.

You can either continue with paint to the colour of your choice or if like me you want a metallic finish you can cover with paper.  If you decide on a paper covering you’ll need to start by covering the edging as this gives the numbers a neater finished look.

finished numbers

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