Heart Mobile

Its my parents 50th wedding Anniversary at the end of this month and they’re planning a bit of party so I thought I’d help out by making some decorations.

One of the first I have made is  a heart mobile.  As its to celebrate their 50th anniversary I opted for gold but this would look beautiful in pastel colours.

All you need to make this is some transparent thread, coloured paper, pritt stick or other easy to handle glue and a length of wood or a long cardboard tube – the inside of wrapping paper is perfect.

Start by cutting out your hearts, you need two of each shape and size to give you a back and front.  Cover one of the hearts with glue and lay your transparent thread down the centre of the heart and fix in position by laying the other heart over.

You continue in this way making up lengths with different size and shape hearts.  Once you have a decent length cut the thread and tie around your tube.  Continue in this way until you have enough threads of hearts to give you the width of mobile you want.

Attach each to the tube.  If you’re using the same colour for each shape you can add embellishments but if you’re making a mobile of mixed colours this looks even more effective.

heart mobile finished

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