Adolph Gottlieb

Born on this date in 1903 (14th March), Adolph Gottlieb was an American abstract artist.

Adolph Gottlieb
Adolph Go:ttlieb: (March 14, 1903 – March 4, 1974)

Image credit – The Art Story

A New Yorker of Jewish descent, Adolph studied at the Art Student League of New York as well as attending classes in Paris where he lived for 6 months.


Image: Whitney Collectionand Image: Ask Art


Image: Art Net and Image: Craft Council

As well as painting Gottlieb also designed  a 1500 square-foot stained glass façade for the Milton Steinberg Center in New York City in 1954, as well as a suite of 18 stained glass windows for the Kingsway Jewish Center in Brooklyn.

Throughout his career he had 56 solo exhibitions and his works are now exhibited in the collections of more than 140 major museums around the world.


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