A picture of a home made pencil case

Boho Pencil Case – Sewing Project

A little while ago I was sorting out my art stuff and trying to tidy up the over spill that seems to have crept into every room in the house when I realised just how many different pencil cases I have, in part because I buy too many art supplies (I can’t walk past Cass Art without popping in) but also because pencil cases just don’t enough stuff.  So as I had a free Sunday afternoon I decided to make a holder about the size of a small toilet bag or make up bag to hold my most used materials.

For the pattern I simply cut out shapes from A3 paper and played around with them until I had a template that I thought would work.  In this case I went for a long strip as I wanted a roll effect but I also cut a base panel to make it a bit more sturdy and make sure it stood rather than rolled and two smaller side panels.

Then I used the pattern to cut shapes out of a firmish calico materials and the same from a brown suede type material

I based the textured design on the kindle case and earphone cases I made last year – a kind of patchwork, boho look so cut and tore scraps of fabric and pinned them out to the base material until I had a design I liked and then machine sewed the patches in place before I started to construct the case.  If you need a reminder check out my older posts here   – Make a Kindle or iPad Cover  and Make a Headphone Pocket 

Before I started to construct the case I finished off the design by hand sewing with some metallic threads.

Then it was time to start constructing the case.  I roughly hemmed the calico and brown to the shapes I wanted and sewed the base and front together with a machine

I then attached the sides to the roll length and then sewed the base panel directly onto the longer strip, making sure I had enough to fold a front panel.

Then I sewed the sides up to form a box.

pencil case11

To make sure I could close the case I attached a large button to the flap along with a length of black elastic and you’re done.

pencil case14

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