Winslow Homer: Happy Birthday

We have different reasons for liking Winslow Homer here at Ragtag Towers…

An American artist, born on 24th February 1836 in Boston,

Homer has ties to our  home county of Northumberland.  In spring 1881 at the age 45, he travelled to the UK and settled in the fishing village of Cullercoats (a village between Whitley Bay and Tynemouth)  where he stayed for 18 months. During the time he spent there, Homer took as his subjects working men and women of the North East, writing “The women are the working bees. Stout hardy creatures.”

During this time, Homer worked almost entirely in watercolours.

During the time he spent in the North East Homer concentrated on watercolours, but he also created some oil paintings.

Lightly regarded as an artist before his time in the North East of England, when he returned to the US in 1882, his watercolours were swiftly recognised to be a change in his old style. Homer became an influence on the likes of Robert Henri and Howard Pyle.

Homer died aged 74 in 1910.




Wimslow Homer2

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