Giant Wire Heart

Picking up the valentine’s theme here’s a great idea for creating an inexpensive piece of art for the garden this giant heart costs about £7 to make.

All you need to get started is some garden wire, thin craft wire and some clippers and ideally wire curler/tweezers.


You start by forming the basic shape in garden wire – be careful this stuff scratches your hands and arms to pieces.

wire heart.jpg

Once you’re happy with the basic shape started winding wire around the heart in random directions remembering to twist it where possible to help fold its shape.  As you get more wire on the heart, cut a length of the thinner craft wire and start wrapping around the joints – this will make the shape more sturdy.

Keep going until you have the look you want – my finished heart measured around 90cm high and 70cm wide and I used two packs of garden wire.

finished wire heart

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