National Umbrella Day

10th February is apparently National Umbrella day, a day where we are supposed to recognise and celebrate the invention of the umbrella.

As the weather at the moment  is pretty miserable and very wet I thought I’d theme my blog today around rain.

To celebrate the occasion I thought I’d have a go at a bit of embroidery



umbrella applique 2

finished umbrella applique

And here’s a few facts and stats ….

According to the Evening Chronicle the top 5 rainiest cities in the UK ( are……

  1. Cardiff
  2. St. Davids
  3. Glasgow
  4. Bangor
  5. Truro

With Newcastle and Sunderland in joint 6th

Whilst the umbrella has its own national day 10th February there doesn’t appear to be a day devoted to the wellington boot although I guess you could go with the 1st May which was the birth day of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, victor at the Battle of Waterloo and apparently a fashion icon, who was born in 1769 and who gave his name to the footwear.

If you want to read a brief history of the humble welly English Heritage have an article that explains its origin in military attire –


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