50 Reasons to Send a Card

You may have noticed that I have posted quite a few blogs of cards I’ve made so I thought that given today is the official “send a card to a friend” day I’d post a list reasons to dig out a pen and stamp and make the effort to send a physical greeting rather than a message or post on Facebook.

But before that a few thoughts on why snail mail and a card are better than their instant electronic competitors….

  • It’s more personal. I think it’s a combination of the fact that you get to feel the card but also you know that someone has really made the effort.
  • It’s more emotional: I tend to keep cards from people for occasions that have been important to me, or just because I love the design.
  • It has more impact: They physically land on your door step and are displayed in your house so you just see them more often.

Greetings cards pic

Here’s my top 50….

  1. Birthdays – the obvious one to start with but how much nicer is it to get an actual card through the post rather than a “congrats!” on socialThen you have the national celebration days……
  2. Valentine’s Day
  3. Easter
  4. Christmas – Hannukah – Diwali
  5. Mother’s Day
  6. Father’s Day
  7. Grandparents Day
  8. Halloween
  9. International Friendship DayThen the personal landmarks….
  10. Congratulations on passing your exams
  11. Congratulations on passing your driving test
  12. Graduation
  13. Engagement
  14. Wedding
  15. Wedding Anniversary
  16. New Baby
  17. Big Birthdays
  18. Starting a new job
  19. A friend’s retiring
  20. New Home
  21. Sympathy – always a tough one in selecting a card but also knowing what to writeA whole host of reasons to send some invitations….
  22. I’m having a party
  23. Come round for dinner
  24. We’ve just moved, fancy a nose around our new home?
  25. I need to drink Gin but don’t want to do it alone
  26. The sun is out, time for our 1st BBQ of the year
  27. Let’s drink wine and watch Eurovision
  28. National election party – let’s stay up all night and watch the polls
  29. Haven’t seen you for a while it’s time for a catch upThen we have some more tradition reasons that aren’t set dates of the year or personal achievements…..
  30. Thank You – perfect for gift givers but also just a simple thank you for people who make you smile, thank you for your help, etc.
  31. Save the date – not just for weddings – much awaited movie opens, first match of the season, date night, we’re off on holiday, the list is endless…..
  32. “Get Well Soon”
  33. “Just to say Hello”
  34. “I’m Sorry” card – let’s be honest we all need one of these at times
  35. Haven’t heard from you for a while
  36. Let someone know you’re thinking of themAnd a few less tradition reasons…….
  37. Your friend has had a tough week – send them a “keep your chin up” card
  38. A tough week ahead, go for a “You Can Do It” card
  39. Because your gran just likes to receive cards

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