Personalised Board Games

This is a great little craft project to do with children – create your own personalised board game.

finished board

You can select any game, I opted for traditional snakes and ladders board and made one for my nephews using family photos of them and their parents.

You start by marking up a board on some sturdy board – 100 squares.

Next paint the board with colours of your choice and whilst the board is drying select a range of photos that you want to use to decorate and draw some ladders and snakes of varying sizes.

Once your board is completely you can tidy up the edges of your painting by drawing some grid lines, then you can start planning what goes where making sure you don’t have snakes and ladders hitting the same squares.

Stick all your images and items down securely and then finally add your numbers and any little comments you want.  Its best to wait until the end to add the numbers as you’ll need to work around photos and snakes to make sure everything fits.

Create Your Own Board Game

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