Is Pinterest killing creativity?

Well for me the answer may be yes. I absolutely love scanning through images of other people’s sketches and paintings and if you visit my Pinterest site (my Nicola Young one rather than Rag Tag Magpie you’ll see just how addicted I am!) but I have to say that I get a bit hooked on the beautiful finished images which I think does put up … Continue reading Is Pinterest killing creativity?

Winslow Homer: Happy Birthday

We have different reasons for liking Winslow Homer here at Ragtag Towers… An American artist, born on 24th February 1836 in Boston, Homer has ties to our  home county of Northumberland.  In spring 1881 at the age 45, he travelled to the UK and settled in the fishing village of Cullercoats (a village between Whitley Bay and Tynemouth)  where he stayed for 18 months. During the … Continue reading Winslow Homer: Happy Birthday

You Will Be Able To Draw By The End of This Book

A note on this blog, worth understanding at this point…

So, as already stated, we’re a married couple working on this blog- one of us is artistic, talented, and does things. The other one of us tags along, and occasionally kicks in with ‘non traditional proper art stuff’- comics, cartoons, movie stuff. Put it this way- one of us would look at this : and say, “That’s Winslow Homer’s ‘The Veteran in a New Field ‘from … Continue reading A note on this blog, worth understanding at this point…

Giant Wire Heart

Picking up the valentine’s theme here’s a great idea for creating an inexpensive piece of art for the garden this giant heart costs about £7 to make. All you need to get started is some garden wire, thin craft wire and some clippers and ideally wire curler/tweezers. You start by forming the basic shape in garden wire – be careful this stuff scratches your hands … Continue reading Giant Wire Heart