Although released on December 25th in the UK, Jaws had been released 6 months earlier in the US, and is today recognised as the first ‘Summer Blockbuster’. The film had a lot going for it- a good cast, a promising young director, a score which has become legendary, and one of the most iconic film posters of all time. Film posters have existed as long as movies themselves- whether lobby cards, teaser posters or character based and there are a lot of very talented designers and illustrators recreating movie posters here’s a few I found on Pinterest of Jaws.

Jaws picture

The Jaws poster was crafted from an original 20 x 30 inch painting by Roger Kastel, and an extended history of the variations of the piece can be found at the Collector’s Society, showing the transplant from original novel cover to finished US movie poster through, and the many alternative versions, tributes and pastiches since. Kastel painted oil on Masonite, and over the course of his career created more than a thousand posters and covers, but none more iconic than ‘Jaws’. Frequently voted Film history’s most iconic movie poster

The original painting went missing around the time of the movie’s release, and has never been recovered. Given that original Jaws theatrical posters sell for $4,000 it is impossible to estimate what the original painting would be worth if, like the shark in question, it were ever to surface.

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