Hanging Christmas Angels

Following on from my mini Christmas Angels I thought I’d make some larger decorations to hang on the door of our living room.

Unlike the mini angels for this you need sturdier wire so I went with inexpensive garden wire which although tougher to work up with is less likely to loose its shape if knocked.  You will need some clippers shape and chunky enough to cut the wire and be careful when you shape it otherwise you’ll end up with lots of scratches.


Start by cutting two large pieces of wire, one for the head and arms the second to form the body and legs.  Size wise it really depends on how large you want your angels to be but you can always cut these down after you’ve started to form the angels so go slightly longer than you think you’ll need.

wire parts

Start by shaping the head in the centre of your first piece of wire.  If you’re using garden wire it should shape easily into a loop – tie the centre with a small piece of sellotape to hold the position and then to fix it securely wrap some thinner wire around the join.

Spread the remaining piece of the wire to start to form your arms


Taking your second piece of wire, fold it in half and loop it through the head loop.

starting to form the figure

Twist the wire to form the body and taking a piece of card wrap around the torso and attach with sellotape.  This will give a bit more shape to your figure but also helps hold the legs firm.

figure 2

Next take a square or circle of materials and cut a small hole in the centre to make the skirt

Feed the legs through the hole and attach the skirt with a needle and thread.

Before you finish off the body of the angel you need to make the wings.  Cut a smaller piece of wire and shape into two loops.  You can simply go with a figure of eight or if using particularly sturdy wire it is easier to shape as shown in the pictures.


I decided to cover the wings with some thin voile type material and wrap with metallic thread.  If you want to follow this option you will have to sew the material in place with small loops around the wire.

wings 2

To make the torso wrap ribbon tightly around the body.  Start by wrapping a piece through the head loop to hide your sellotape and wire and then continue to wrap tightly covering the whole body and the top of the skirt.  Using a needle and thread sew the ribbon to secure.  I added a bit more detail by wrapping the body with metallic thread which also ensured that the ribbon is held in place securely.

Finally bend loops at the bottom of the legs and arms to form hands and feet and tie a small ribbon.  I also added a small piece of material to make a head band but this is optional.

finished angel

Don’t forget to add a string to hand your angels.

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