Make an Envelope Gift Box

Perfect for wrapping small Christmas presents this design is elegant and neat.

You start with a template – I’d recommend enlarging this to at least A3.

Cut the template out in card and score and fold along the dotted lines.

Gift Box template

Next select a paper to cover your template.  I went with a gorgeous hand marbled paper.  I didn’t make this myself, its a purchase from paperchase but you could design your own.  Using glue or double sided tape attach the paper to the front of the card and cut out leaving 1cm around the edge.  make sure you keep folding the template as you attach the paper so that you have enough give when folded.

Fold the edges over and stick to the reverse to ensure a perfect outer.  With this design the box opens up flat so you need to make sure the reverse is also neat and tidy.  I used washi tape to cover over the edges.

Once complete it just needs a gift and some beautiful ribbon to finish off the package.

To access the PDF template click here – Gift Box envelope

Gift box envelope


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