Make a Pom Pom Wreath for Christmas

No Christmas is complete without a wreath or two to deck your home.  This wreath is easy to make and a great craft project to do with children.

All you need to get started is

  • A couple of pieces of cardboard the size of the wreath you want to create or why not upcycle an old cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • Pom Pom maker (you can pick one of these up cheaply at a hobby craft shop) or alternatively more cardboard circles of various sizes
  • Wool in a variety of colours
  • Tape
  • Ribbon


How to Make

Choose the colour combination of Pompoms you would like to cover your wreath. I have used a mixture of rich coloured (purples, blues and grey) wools of varying thicknesses.

Cut two circles from some stiff card board.  Using two circles ensures your final creation is sturdy, once you have your template place the two circles together and tape wool or string to one of the circles and wrap the wool, binding the two pieces of card together.

Continue wrapping the wool around the circles until completely covered

Start to make your poms. I have used a pom pom maker which you can pick up for a few pounds in a hobby craft store.  For this project I used three different size makers to give the wreath a variety of different sized poms. If you don’t have a pom maker you can make these in the traditional way with cardboard circles.

When you make the poms leave the strand of wool you wrap around the two halves a little longer

Attach the pom poms by placing them against the circle and tie the longer wool around the circle and tie off tightly at the back.  Continue in this way ensuring that the pom poms are positioned tightly next to each other so that no gaps are visible

Continue until the entire wreath is covered.  You can finish off the wreath with ribbon or if you prefer add a few glittery baubles or large beads.


Christmas Wreath.png


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