A Collection of Advent Calendars

I’ve made a couple of advent calendars this year but went for those created with free printable templates.  Looking through Pinterest here’s a few others that caught my eye – maybe a project for next Christmas.

I loved this idea from mamas kram blogspot for creating an advent calendar from toilet roll tubes – simple, cheap and looks great – https://tinyurl.com/yc43blvl.  If you fancy created something similar here’s some free printable labels for your little packages Advent Labels

Cheap advent calendar

This is another free printable advent calendar which I actually made last Christmas.  Its from the blog puresweetjoy.com and is so simple to make up.  I filled mine with little gifts from Tiger and Paperchase along with a few confectionary treats – http://www.puresweetjoy.com/advent-calendar-diy-printable-free-download/

Advent calendar ideas 2

One of my favourites is the sewn creation which was posted on Stocksy which looks really festive and has the advantage of you being able to reuse each year.  Didn’t quite get myself organised enough to make a similar design – https://www.stocksy.com/799380

Advent Calendar Ideas

And to mix things up a bit this design uses beautifully simple paper bags which look fabulous and have the added advantage of being able to hold slightly larger gifts – http://gotlandsliv.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/arets-julkalender.html

advent calendar 3

And of course a shameless plug for my three advent calendars…



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