Another Easy to Make Advent Calendar

Tree Advent Calendar.jpg

So following on from the Egyptian references in the blog yesterday and the picture of the pyramids here’s another set of pyramid shapes but this time to create an advent calendar.

So if you don’t fancy a tea themed advent calendar and the black and white envelope version doesn’t work for you here’s an advent calendar that combines as a cute little Christmas decoration for your home.

What could be more Christmassy than a mini tree collection.  At the bottom of this blog I have attached a template for creating simple triangular trees.  The first template is the basic shape only so if you want to print out onto coloured card you can decide upon a colour or colours that suits you personally and the second is a selection of trees with different green backgrounds complete with numbers 1 – 24.

To add a bit of variation I’d suggest printing some on different size papers or simply alternating the % size of your print out but other than that its really easy.  Print the template, cut out, fold and using double sided tape make up the tree.  But don’t forget to leave the base open until you’ve stuffed them with treats.

Blank template – Blank tree advent calendar template

Numbers and coloured template – tree advent

Easy to Make tree advent calendar.jpg.png

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