Tea Advent Calendar – Free Printable

As we head towards the festive month it’s time to sort out advent calendars.  This year I’ve decided to make one to open at work as well as home so decided to create a Tea advent, perfect for that mid morning break.

To make all you’ll need is a selection of different teas, paper, access to a printer, double sided tape, scissors and something to display them on.  I opted for a cheap picture frame but if you don’t have one to hand you can just clip them onto some string or ribbon.

Start by printing out the templates for the pockets – you’ll find a PDF at the end of this blog.

Tea advent templates.jpg

Once you have the templates printed cut each out along the solid line and attach double sided tape to each side.

cutting the templates

Next fold the cut out template along the dotted lines, peel the tape and stick the two sides together.


You should now have your first completed tea pocket, now just select a flavour tea, insert and close, using a small piece of double sided tape.


Continue until you have completed all 24.


If mounting into a frame or onto a board lay out all of the completed pockets until you’re happy with the order and tape down.


You can then add further decorations to your frame and you’re done!

finished tea advent calendar.jpg

If you fancy making a calendar  here’s the free printable.

tea advent

Tea Advent Calendar Guide.png

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