Handmade Paper – a Tutorial

I found a children’s handmade paper kit in the Works recently so thought I’d give it a go, especially as I often use handmade paper for wrapping and cards.

Handmade paper

You start with shredded paper, I used some newspaper from the recycle bin for the first sheet and added some strips of red tissue paper to add colour.  Pour 150ml of water into a jug and add the paper and then you need to mush to a paste.  You can either do this by hand or whizz it in a blender for a few minutes.  If doing by hand, make sure you wash your hands straight away as the mixture can stain – especially if you’re getting the children to help.


Fill a tray about a quarter to a third of the way with paper and then if you have a kit place the frame with a sheet of mesh in the water.  If you’ve opted for a more homemade approach place a thin sheet of plastic or metal mesh into the water.


Pour your mixture onto the sheet and tip the frame to distribute evenly.


Add a second sheet of mesh on top of the pulp and then a sheet of plastic on top of the mesh.  Lift the frame out of the tray and press to drain the water.  Lift the mesh and paper carefully out of the frame and peel the top layer to expose the paper.  Leave to dry overnight.



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