Acrylic Pour Painting: Creating Cells

I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube of artists who create marbled images using acrylic paint and silicone.  I thought I’d give it a go when the weather was warm as the technique requires you to pour paint directly onto the canvas so its very messy.  I completely forgot about the photos until I was sorting out some canvases and found the final paintings so apologises for the sunny weather and summer reminder.

My first attempts were ok but not great, probably because the only silicone I had was WD40 spray and I’d run out of pouring medium so had to use a watered down mix but it did at least give me the chance to experiment and the some of the end results are ok.

I also put a water (and paint) resistant cover down and 4 up turned cups to stand the canvas on.


You mix your paint until its a loose pouring consistency and add some silicone.

Then pour directly onto the canvas and tip from side to side to cover and mix.  Finally leaving your canvas standing on top of paper cups to dry.  Because i was just playing around I used old canvases that I’d over painted and some old paint which I regret as it had started to go gloopy and no amount of mixing seemed to get rid of the lumps and bumps.

pouring paints

Some of final images were relatively successful

cell painting

cell painting4

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