Creating Lino Stamps

Having just written all of our Christmas cards out by hand I wish I’d spotted this blog from Cass art a bit earlier – The clever people at Cass have provided step by step instructions showing how to create your own personal lino stamps.  Its not an art technique I’ve ever tried but maybe one for the new year Continue reading Creating Lino Stamps


Another Easy to Make Advent Calendar

So following on from the Egyptian references in the blog yesterday and the picture of the pyramids here’s another set of pyramid shapes but this time to create an advent calendar. So if you don’t fancy a tea themed advent calendar and the black and white envelope version doesn’t work for you here’s an advent calendar that combines as a cute little Christmas decoration for … Continue reading Another Easy to Make Advent Calendar

On This Day….

  1789 saw the US’ 1st National Thanksgiving 1865: Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” was published in the US 1922 Archaeologist Howard Carter opened Tutankhamun tomb in Egypt 1953: The House of Lords voted in favour of commercial television.  Pressure had been increasing to end the BBC’s monopoly on broadcasting and peers backed the Conservative Government’s proposals for the introduction of commercial television – despite … Continue reading On This Day….

Handmade Christmas Cards

I love getting handmade cards and especially at Christmas.  I’ve been making cards for family and friends for a few years now so thought I’d raid my card box for some of the designs I’ve used over the years….. I think I’ve actually made about 5 different Christmas tree designs but could only find a couple, I’ll look again over the weekend.  The green tree … Continue reading Handmade Christmas Cards

On This Day – Lautrec, JFK and so long Freddie…

In 1859 British naturalist Charles Darwin published his ground breaking work “On the Origin of the Species” In 1864 Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa known as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was born.  A French painter, printmaker, caricaturist and illustrator, his work depicted the colourful, decadent, provocative and theatrical life of Paris in the late 19th century. ( In 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald was assassinated in a Dallas … Continue reading On This Day – Lautrec, JFK and so long Freddie…