Easy to Make Halloween Bookmark

If you’re looking for a kids craft idea here’s a really easy to make paper folding bookmark.  I’ve gone for Halloween themed designs but you could transform these into any characters.

You start with a square of paper, I cut mine from A4.  Start by folding the square in half diagonally.


Open up your paper into a square and then fold in half the opposite way.


Then fold down the tip of the triangle down to the base.


Next fold in both sides and crease well.

Open the sides up flat


Once flat take the open fold and fold it up to line up with the top


Do the same with the other side.


Next tuck the flap into the pocket, do the same on both side.

This is the basic shape for all bookmark edges.

For the Frankenstein design cut two ears from green paper and attach to the bookmark.

Next cut two circles from white paper, stick these to black card and cut to make eyes


To make the mouth cut another piece of balck card and white for teeth.

Finish off with nostrils, hair and black pupils.


and finally add the hair and a few embellishments


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